Career Development

Planning your career

What will I do next?

This is a question many of you ask, and it is indeed very important. This is something that you should consider from the beginning of your training, as your goals should take the “what next” approach - keep in mind that the different stages in your career do not have clear boundaries but are rather overlapping.

At the Vienna Biocenter we view your scientific training from an all-inclusive perspective, and aim for you to become a successful professional (your success is our success)! We encourage all young scientists to have a Opens internal link in current windowcareer development plan (which includes short- and long-term goals, and describe how to get there) and to hold Opens internal link in current windowregular mentoring meetings with your supervisor

In addition, every year we organize the VBC Career Days, which include workshops and a career symposium (you can find more information on the left menu). Plus, we frequently host seminars and discussions with professionals that then embarked in different career paths. Needless to say that on campus you will find numerous people who are following a (“so-called”) career in academia, meaning they are now Group Leaders or Professors in Research Institutions all over the world.