2013 Art & Science Contest: Being a VBC PhD Student

***Winner*** | Love of science is stronger than justice | Beata Mierzwa (IMBA) & Tomas Eichler (IMP)




We change, we make changes, we carry the light

Daria Shlyueva (IMP) | Polina Novikova (GMI)

The work explores the evolution of intellectual development, technological progress and scientific breakthroughs. The last character is Atlas who personifies patience, endurance and responsibility. The lights installed inside of all figures are shining through cracks in their bodies. (Support from our friends: Kseniya, Oleg, Olga, Oksana, Fernando)



The VBC superstudent

Sona Valuchova (GMI) | Johanna Trupke (IMBA)

Dr. Bernard Tiddeman's PsychoMorph software was used to make average faces of VBC PhD students. It combines all the good and the bad in one and symbolizes that it does not matter what you are working on, together we will create something new and beautiful. 

An artistic paper

Lisa Landskron (IMBA) | Magdalena Renner (IMBA) | Marcin Suskiewicz (IMP)

The emotions and experiences accompanying the journey of a PhD student through the scientific jungle are hard to grasp in a formal scientific way, thus an artistic approach has been chosen to reflect them. Here we present a small survey conducted on the VBC campus to investigate what it means to be a PhD student in three parts: the driving forces to do a PhD (Fig.1), the everyday life in the lab (Fig.2) and being in a particular research environment: the VBC campus (Fig.3).




VBC-PhD vortex of thoughts

Petra Ebner (IMBA) | Marina Martinic (IMP)

VBC PhD vortex of thoughts drags the observer into the minds of VBC PhD students. It captures snapshots of experiments, emotions, lines, results, scenes and activities from the everyday life on the campus. Several different motifs (eyes, logotypes, lab scenes, thoughts) become highlighted depending on the distance from the painting. Stylized logotypes of the four institutes pervade through somewhat chaotic background, and encircle the students’ eyes, bringing in bright color and form that symbolize guidance of the group leaders throughout the PhD and support of campus facilities and services.