Approval of Thesis Proposal

During the first year you need to get the University's approval of your PhD Project. For this you need to submit a thesis proposal (also known as "exposé") and some forms (see below).

The proposal and forms should be submitted at the time of your first Thesis Advisory Committee meeting, as this will be the time for your Public Presentation.

  • DZ/V01 Doctoral Thesis Agreement
  • SL/D11 Registration of the topic of the doctoral thesis
  • SL/D12 Registration of the topic supp. Sheet
  • SL/W1 Regulations relating to good scientific practice
  • Thesis Proposal/Expose front page (with signatures)
  • Thesis Proposal ("Expose")

Submit a copy of all forms (pdf) to Chris Robinson and/or Ines Crisostomo. The originals are to be handed-in to Gerlinde Aschauer (Uni. Vienna, MFPL Building)

All forms and a template for the thesis proposal are available here.

Please remember that the Scientific Training Team is there to help you with any questions or worries that you may have!