Please note the study programme codes:

Natural Sciences (Life Sc.)

PhD Doctoral Programme

Molecular Biology A-794 685 490

Course codes:

PhD-MB 4 300125 - Journal Club - 8 ECTS (all Semesters)

PhD-MB 5 300179 - Thesis Seminars/Work in Progress/Monday Seminars - 12 ECTS (all semesters)

PhD-MB 5 300265 - Priming your PhD - VBC PhD Programme 10 ECTS

Checklist for Progress Review

  • VBCPhD_ProgressReview.pdf This checklist contains questions that should help students to independently assess his/her progress. It should also guide discussions with the supervisor and during TAC meetings. 281 KB

Thesis Advisory Committees

Below you will find the links to the forms that need to be filled out during your meeting with the Thesis Advisory Committee.

TAC Report Forms