Online Training Resources

Online training resources in times of COVID-19

To help our students and post doctoral fellows we have put together a list of online resources available at the moment

Internal Resources

Online Image Analysis: (Karin Aumayr)

·     General information – VBC Corona Blog

Computational Biology Trainings by András Aszódi (VBCF)

Courses are available on computing skills (, biostatistics / data analysis (  and reporting skills ( Please visit for the current schedule and registration, or for a general overview.

Some selected external resources

Making Scientific Figures with Illustrator & Blender

Nature Courses Onlines

PhD Collection -

Mental Health Collection -

Mentoring and Mentees -

Scientific Data tips -

Educational and entertaining Biology talks online

Well-being in times of COVID-19 (from Desiree Dickerson)

  • Click here for general useful resources
  • A cheat sheet for PI's on how to check in with their lab group / staff / students - LinkedIn article here
  • 'Seven tips to manage your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak.' Desiree’s latest piece in Nature

An interesting article about science at home:

Selected online coding resources:, resource collection and new tutorials specifically targeted to molecular biologists with little or no computational experience and focused on molecular data analysis (e.g. RNA-seq processing and analysis, Hi-C visualization, genomics portals, etc.). It also contains a list of interesting webinars and links to online conferences. - Learn R, Python & Data Science Online