Graduations 2014

Veronika Herzog
Ringrose Group - IMBA
Thu 18 December 2014, 2pm
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Functional and mechanistic analysis of Iong non-coding RNAs transcribed from the Drosophila vestigial Polycomb response element

Dominik Handler
Brennecke Group - IMBA
Wed 17 December 2014, 3pm
IMBA Lecture Hall
Title: The Genetic Makeup of the Drosophila piRNA pathway

Helena Okulski
Ringrose Group - IMBA
Tue 9 December 2014, 10.30am
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Mutational and functional analysis of Polycomb- and Trithorax response elements and non-coding transcription in epigenetic gene regulation in Drosophila melanogaster

Daniel Bath 
Dickson Group - IMP

Thu 4 December 2014, 4pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Characterization of the neuronal mechanisms that mediate temporal control of the courtship behaviour of Drosophila melanogaster

Grzegorz Sienski
Brennecke Group - IMBA
Mon 1 December 2014, 3pm
IMBA Lecture Hall
Title: Dissection of nuclear function of Piwi in Drosophila

Francesca Malvezzi 
Westermann Group - IMP

Mon 3 November 2014, 10am
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Structural and functional insights into the dynamic architecture of the budding yeast kinetochore

Sona Valuchova
Riha Group - GMI
Thu 16 October  2014, 2pm
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Insights into telomere protection by the Ku heterodimer

Krzysztof Chylinski
Schroeder Group - MFPL
7 October  2014
Title: The type II CRISPR-Cas adaptive immunity in bacteria: molecular mechanisms and evolution

Daria Shlyueva
Stark Group - IMP
Mon 28 July 2014, 2pm
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Investigating sequence architecture and its functional relevance for developmental and signal-responsive enhancers

Markus Schäfer 
Busslinger Group - IMP
Fri 18 July 2014, 3pm
IMP Seminar Room 2
Title: Genome-wide analysis of Notch function in early T cell development

Juliane Tinter-Thiede
Rumpel Group - IMP
Tue 24 June 2014, 1pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: The role of the auditory cortex in the perception and learning of sounds

Vanja Cavrak
Mittelsten Scheid Group - GMI
Mon 19 May 2014, 11am
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Characterization of ONSEN, a Copia-type retrotransposon in Arabidopsis thaliana

Debora Broch Trentini
Clausen Group - IMP
Thu 15 May 2014, 11am
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: New methods for the mass spectrometry analysis of protein arginine phophorylation reveal the role of the McsB kinase in bacterial stress response

Daniela Lenek
Keleman Group - IMP
Fri 4 April 2014, 1pm
IMP Seminar Room 2
Title: Circuit mechanisms of courtship learning in Drosophila melanogaster

Elif Eroglu
Knoblich Group - IMBA
Thu 13 February 2014, 2pm
IMBA Seminar Room 2
Title: The SWI/SNF complex regulates the Prdm protein Hamlet to ensure lineage directionality in Drosophila neural stem cell lineages

Julia Radics
Marlovits Group - IMBA
Fri 31 January 2014, 10am
IMBA Seminar Room 3
Title: Visualization oft he Salmonella typhimurium pathogenicity island 1 type 3 secretion system in action

Matthias Brunner
Marlovits Group - IMBA
Thu 30 January 2014, 3pm
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Structural studies of the bacterial type III secretion system

Onur Kaya
Knoblich Group - IMBA
Wed 22 January 2014, 2pm
IMP Seminar Room 3
Title: dNkap regulates Notch signaling in Drosophila neuroblasts

Derya Dönertas
Knoblich Group - IMBA
Fri 10 January 2014, 3pm
IMBA Seminar Room 3
Title: Maelstrom and Gtsf1 are essential for Piwi-mediated transcriptional silencing of transposable elements in Drosophila