Graduations 2015

Jan Suhren
Mochizuki Group - IMBA
Friday 4 December, 2pm
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Heterochromatin components are required for limiting biogenesis of siRNAs to sequences targeted for DNA elimination in Tetrahymena

Ingrid Hums
Zimmer Group - IMP

Friday 20 November, 1pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Neural control over crawling and steering motions underlies the regulation of locomotion strategies in C. elegans

Thomas Hoffmann
Zuber Group - IMP

Mon 31 August 2015, 4pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Probing of non-oncogene addiction targets in leukemia using advanced shmiR technology

Bettina Wurzer
Martens Group - MFPL

14 July 2015
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: On the role of p62 and ATG14 during mammalian autophagy

Turco Eleonora
Koehler Group - MFPL

29 June 2015
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Molecular mechanism of histone H2B ubiquitination

Marcin Suskiewicz
Clausen Group - IMP
Mon 22 June 2015, 3pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Structural and Functional Investigation of the Protein Arginine Kinase McsB

Johanna Trupke
Ringrose Group - IMBA

Tue 16 June 2015, 3pm
GMI orange seminar room
Title: The quest for mammalian Polycomb response elements: from in silico predictions towards high-throughput in vivo validation

Paulina Troc
Westermann Group - IMP
Wed 8 April 2015, 3pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Structural and functional insights into the outer and inner kinetochore assembly in S. cerevisiae