Graduations 2016

Susanne Skora
Zimmer Group - IMP
Friday 9 December, 13.30
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Insulin signalling links metabolic state to systemic arousal in C. elegans 

Younes Redouane
Ikeda Group - IMBA
Wednesday 19 October, 10.00
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: The role of Sharpin in skin inflammation and cell death

Thomas Gstrein
Keays Group - IMP
Tuesday 27 September, 11.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Studying genes involved in brain development employing forward and reverse mouse genetics

Alexandra Stirnberg
Djamei Group - GMI
Friday 9 September, 16.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Characterization of a novel virulence factor important for colonization of Zea mays by the smut Ustilago maydis

Cornelia Oppitz
Keleman Group - IMP
Tuesday 30 August, 10.00
IMP Seminar Room 3
Title: Large-scale RNAi screen to identify novel genes in long-term memory in Drosophila melanogaster

Lukasz Boryn
Stark Group - IMP
Friday 22 July, 11.00
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Quantitative characterisation of cis-regulatory elements in human cells using STARR-seq

Magdalena Renner
Knoblich Group - IMBA
Friday 15 July, 14.30
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Cerebral organoids, a new in vitro model system for human brain development

Polina Novikova
Nordborg Group - GMI
Wednesday 13 July, 15.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Non-bifurcating speciation in Arabidopsis

Sabrina Burkhardt
Tachibana-Konwalski Group - IMBA
Wednesday 22 June, 15.00
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Molecular aspects of cohesin’s functions in female meiosis and in the oocyte-to-zygote transition

Nina Franicevic
Clausen Group - IMP
Friday 17 June, 14.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Towards a better understanding of myosin folding and assembly

Ricardo Mauricio Gudino Carrillo
Clausen Group - IMP
Friday 20 May, 11.30am
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Structural Basis of Myosin Recognition by Yeast UCS Chaperone She4p

Beata Mierzwa
Gerlich Group - IMBA
Tuesday 19 April, 11am
IMP Seminar Room 1
Title: ESCRT-III Polymer Dynamics in Cytokinetic Abscission

Iulia Danciu
Jonak Group - GMI
Tuesday 17 May, 9am
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Cross-talk between salt stress and energy-status signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana

Florian Weissmann 
Peters Group - IMP
Tuesday 5 April, 2pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Reconstitution of recombinant versions of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) and mechanisms of its regulation

Pinelopi Pliota 
Haubensak Group - IMP

Wednesday 30 March, 9.30am
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Central amygdala circuitry in stress behaviour

Tina Schrödel
Zimmer Group - IMP
Thursday 18 February, 1pm
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Brain-wide calcium imaging reveals a global representation of the sequence of actions in C. elegans

Tomas Kazmar
Stark Group - IMP

Friday 29 January, 2pm
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Understanding Regulatory Code Through Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Theresa Henkel
Martinez Group - IMBA
Friday 29 January, 10.30am
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Cytoplasmic functions of the tRNA ligase complex in health and disease

Gabriela Cabral
Dammermann Group - MFPL
Monday 21 January, 11am
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Molecular mechanisms of centrosome assembly in C. elegans