Graduations 2017

Rajyashree Sen
Dickson Group - IMP
Monday 18 December, 14.00
GMI/IMBA Lecture Room
Title: Neuronal control of backward walking in Drosophila melanogaster

Agnes Eder
Jonak Group - GMI
Friday 10 November, 14.00
GMI Orange Room
Title: Light-dependent regulation of a newly characterized Arabidopsis thaliana GSK3-like kinase influences brassinosteroid signalling 

Asena Gülsah Pekgöz Altunkaya
Westermann Group - IMP
Monday 25 September, 11.15
GMI Orange Room
Title: Functional insights into the kinetochore assembly in budding yeast

Andreas  Pöhlmann
Straw Group - IMP
Wednesday 2 August, 13.30
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: The role of asymmetric motion responses in Drosophila object tracking

Daniel Serwas
Dammermann Group - MFPL
Tuesday 27 June, 11.00
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Ultrastructural analysis of C. elegans cilia assembly

Radka Slovak
Busch Group - GMI
Friday 30 June, 15.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: The roots of development: new growth regulators from high-throughput studies on natural variation

Petra Ebner
Ikeda Group - IMBA
Wednesday 14 June, 10.30
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: A ubiquitin screen identifies BRUCE as a novel regulator of autophagosome-lysosome fusion

Lisa Landskron
Knoblich Group - IMBA
Monday 19 June, 10.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Analysis of tumorigenesis in the Drosophila brain

Ines Amorim Monteiro Barbosa
Zuber Group - IMP
Tuesday 23 May, 14.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Dissecting gene regulatory programs underlying aberrant self-renewal in AML

Mareike Roth
Zuber Group - IMP
Wednesday 24 May, 14.00
GMI Orange Seminar Room
Title: Exploring and exploiting chromatin dependencies in cancer

Muhammad Mamduh bin Ahmad Zabidi
Stark Group - IMP
Wednesday 17 May, 10.00
IMP Lecture Hall
Title: Enhancer-responsiveness and –specificity of Core Promoters in Gene Transcription

Tanja Drexel
Cochella Group - IMP
Tuesday 18 April, 11.00
IMP Seminar Room 5-038
Title: A miRNA required for C0sensing in C. elegans

Florian Grössl
Haubensak Group - IMP
Friday 7 April, 9.00
IMP Lecture Hall 
Title: A novel dopamine circuit for writing emotional memory

Envel Kerdaffrec
Nordborg Group - GMI
Friday 31 March, 15.00
GMI orange seminar room  
Title: The genetic basis of seed dormancy in Arabidopsis thaliana

Fernando Rabanal
Nordborg Group - GMI
Friday 24 March, 15.00
GMI orange seminar room  
Title: Natural variation in 45S ribosomal RNA genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Hansjörg Stampfl
Jonak Group - GMI
Friday 15 February, 14.00
GMI orange seminar room  
Title: Phosphorylation – mediated stress signalling and redox regulation by an Arabidopsis thaliana GSK3/Shaggy-like kinase