Training Programme

The main focus of the scientific training at the Vienna Biocenter is the PhD student’s research project.

The PhD programme’s role is to ensure that all candidates have the support and resources necessary to develop projects that matter and that are based on rigorous science.  

A flexible curriculum designed for and with PhD Candidates

The PhD Programme has a mandatory concise  Opens internal link in current windowcore curriculum, which includes an introductory course.

In addition, we offer different Opens internal link in current windowelective courses, and have a vibrant scientific environment on campus, with numerous Opens internal link in current windowseminars by renowned international speakers.

The students are free to choose, in agreement with their supervisor and Thesis Committee,  other courses/events they which to attend. Namely, to expose PhD students to the wider researcher community, all students should participate and, whenever possible, present at International Courses and Conferences.

PhD Students are encouraged to suggest and develop a new course, the Scientific Training programme strongly supports bottom-up and peer-learning training events.