VBC Student Symposium

Every year, students make a great effort to organize the "VBC PhD Programme Symposium" which is supported by the institutes and through sponsorship. Leading scientists present their latest discoveries within the symposiums' selected range of topics.

18th Annual VBC PhD Programme Symposium

20/20 - The Vision is Clear - 5/6 November 2020

++++Due to the Covid19 pandemic the symposium has been postponed until further notice++++

In line with this year, “20/20 – The vision is clear” aims to portray visionary techniques from molecules to single cells to entire organisms that widen the tangible research horizon. Groundbreaking discoveries in the decades to come will be fueled by the invention and development of methods visualizing processes in unseen detail or scale. Our symposium provides a stage for both presentation and discussion of the development, applications and implications of recent methodological advances that can be harnessed by the scientific community on campus and beyond to push the visible boundaries of science.


  • Biochemistry 
  • Structural & Chromosome Biology
  • Immunology & Cancer
  • Developmental Biology 
  • Neuoroscience
  • Gene Expression
  • Ethics 
  • Industry

Scientific Organizers:

Sarah Grünbacher (IMP), Lorena Hofbauer (IMP), David Mario Hoi (IMP), Vivien Vogt (IMP), Alexander William Phillips (IMP), Dejan Dukic (GMI), Reshi Shanmuganathan (GMI), Sofia Kolesnikova (IMBA), Katherina Tavernini (IMBA), Polina Tikanova (IMBA), Esther Uijttewaal (IMBA) & Sakurako Wong (IMBA).

VBC Training Team:

Christopher Robinson & Eva Schmid 

Online registration will open in July