Full-time Employment Contract

Students will be hired by the research institute where there supervisor is based with a full-employment contract.

The salaries offered to VBC students are among the highest for PhD Programmes in Europe, around €30,758 (gross), per year (i.e. €23,148 net) - per month €2,197 (net €1,653) – paid 14 times per year.

Vienna is not an expensive city to live in. Students can live comfortably – many even save money – during their time at the VBC.

Other Benefits

  • Health/Pension/Accident/Unemployment Insurance
  • University of Vienna tuition fees are reimbursed
  • Visa Expenses.  The HR depts. of the respective institutes will assist you in getting your visa on time before starting your employment. The costs for residence permits for newcomers are normally refunded.
  • Language courses are run by the institutes (on an institute specific basis) for you to learn some German while you are in Vienna.  English is the working language of the programme but a little German helps you to settle into the city and find your way around!
  • Sports and social Activities, the programme and institutes organise numerous sports and social activities throughout the year.

(Please check with your respective institute as some benefits may be institute specific)