Open PhD Positions

Winter Call 2017

The groups offering positions in the forthcoming call can be found under the respective research areas below.

You can also take a look at our Opens external link in new windowphoto album on Facebook, portraying the groups offering positions.

RNA Biology, Gene Regulation and Epigenetics

Gene expression is at the heart of nearly every cellular process.  How genetic information is stored and decoded has always fascinated biologists.

Biochemistry, Structural and Cell Biology

How individual molecular components provide biological function and how they assemble into sophisticated higher-order structures in cells remain key questions in modern biology

Stems Cells and Developmental Biology

How multicellular organisms arise from a single totipotent cell has fascinated mankind for centuries.  During development, stem cells, along with their chromaton and gene expression go through remarkable changes to specify the many cell types in an organism

Molecular Medicine

Molecular medicine research takes advantage of the unique infrastructure at the VBC to functionally study disease mechanisms, and to find and probe new targets and concepts for the development of rational therapies


Neuroscience labs at the VBC use and develop cutting-edge molecular, optical, and computational tools to address fundamental questions of how nerual circuits coordinate adaptive behaviors, and how brains and sensory systems develop and evolve

Plant Biology

Labs at the VBC study plants due to the many unique properies that they possess and they are ideal models for a broad variety of fundamental biological questions

Bioengineering and Computational Biology

Today's questions in biology are increasingly being tacked using methods and concepts from mathematics, physics and engineering

Evolutionary and Population Biology

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution (T. Dobzhansky). Various labs study how species have evolved, or how evolution has impacted on specific biological processes