Disease Mechanisms, Immunology, and Pathogens

Manuela Baccarini (Max Perutz Labs)

Deciphering the MAPK pathway in vivo

Juergen Knoblich (IMBA)

Brain development and disease

Thomas Leonard (Max Perutz Labs)

Structural Biology of Lipid-Activated Signal Transduction

Sascha Martens (Max Perutz Labs)

Molecular Mechanisms of Autophagy

Javier Martinez (Max Perutz Labs)

Biochemistry, physiology and disease of the tRNA splicing pathway in mammalian cells

Anna Obenauf (IMP)

What are the molecular mechanisms behind cancer? How can we exploit the vulnerabilities of cancer cells to find opportunities for new therapies?

Josef Penninger (IMBA)

Modelling human disease

Gijs Versteeg (Max Perutz Labs)

Cellular control mechanisms of protein degradation

Johannes Zuber (IMP)

Why are cancer cells immortal, what genes do they depend on, and how can we exploit cancer-specific vulnerabilities for cancer therapy?