Stem Cells, Development, and Regeneration

Manuela Baccarini (Max Perutz Labs)

Deciphering the MAPK pathway in vivo

Sofia Grade (IMBA)

Mechanisms of plasticity after brain injury

David Keays (IMP)

How do animals sense the earth’s magnetic field, and can this be used to study the brain?

Juergen Knoblich (IMBA)

Brain development and disease

Anna Obenauf (IMP)

What are the molecular mechanisms behind cancer? How can we exploit the vulnerabilities of cancer cells to find opportunities for new therapies?

Andrea Pauli (IMP)

What is the function of short open reading frames in embryonic development?

Josef Penninger (IMBA)

Modelling human disease

Florian Raible (Max Perutz Labs)

Hormonal control of regeneration

Kikue Tachibana (IMBA)

Chromatin reprogramming in totipotent stem cells

Kristin Tessmar (Max Perutz Labs)

Chronobiology in mammalian stem cells and lunar clocks in worms

Noelia Urban (IMBA)

Systemic regulation of adult neurogenesis