Career days 2017

The 2017 VBC Career days will feature two events

Nov 22-23 | Workshop on "From your skills to a job application" with Sarah Blackford

Nov 24 | Career Day: Panel discussion on different career paths

These days are specially targeted for PhD Students and Postdocs who are planning their next position*.

More details soon!

Organising committee: 

Mariana Coelho Correia Da Silva (Postdoc, IMP); Daniela Götz (PhD Student, IMP); Stefan Lutzmayer (PhD Student, GMI); Ana Ramos Velazquez (Postdoc, IMP); Julia Riedl (Postdoc, IMP); Denise Seitner (PhD Student, GMI); Jasmin Taubenschmid (PhD Student, IMBA); Ratna Tripathy (PhD Student, IMBA); Jorge Zepeda Martinez (PhD Student, IMBA); with Inês Crisóstomo (Scientific Training Coordinator, VBC) 

For further inquiries please contact Ines Crisostomo ines.crisostomo(at) 

 * Participation in the Workshop is by registration only, and priority will be given to researchers from IMP/IMBA/GMI. The MFPL organises a career day, also with workshops, in October.