Unet Account

Setting-up of University of Vienna Unet Account

The University of Vienna Unet account allows you to check the payment of your fees, ECTS points etc. You need a valid account (User ID and password). In order to create an account, the following data are required:

  • Matrikelnummer (student ID): The "Matrikelnummer" is a seven-digit number (with letter prefix), e.g. a0412345. The two leading digits stand for the current year, e.g. 04 for an ID created in 2004.
  • PIN code: The PIN code is a six-digit number, e.g. 654321. It is used for authentication purposes: Both of these numbers are printed on the "Studienblatt", the piece of paper containing your essential data is given to you when you first register with the University.

To set up the account initially please go to the following link:

To access your account after it has been set up please go to the following link: