Finishing your PhD

To finish a PhD and submit the thesis the student should have reached the learning outcomes stated here, namely have contributed with new knowledge in his/her research field and demonstrated that he/she can conduct independent scientific research.   

The VBC PhD Program recommends that the thesis should only be defended once the thesis project is completed.  It is the responsibility of the thesis advisory committee, together with the student and supervisor, to assess the project status and recommend when the thesis should be written/submitted. This recommendation should be given at the third committee meeting. If it is clear that the thesis project cannot be finished within the four years, another meeting should be scheduled. 

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Forthcoming Defense:

Agnes Eder
Jonak Group - GMI
Friday 10 November, 14.00
GMI Orange Room
Title: Light-dependent regulation of a newly characterized Arabidopsis thaliana GSK3-like kinase influences brassinosteroid signalling