Graduations 2018

Marina Kavur
Peters Group - IMP
Friday 6 July
Title: Dynamics of spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC)- regulated APC/C activity in living cells

Daniela Goetz
Peters Group - IMP
Tuesday 3 July
Title: Cohesin’s interaction with its loading complex

Jasmin Taubenschmid
Penninger Group - IMBA
Tuesday 12 June
Title: Decoding Glycans in Ricin Toxicity

Ugur Dag
Keleman Group - IMP
Monday 4 June
Title: Long-Term Courtship Memory Consolidation In Drosophila

Annika Nichols
Zimmer Group - IMP
Wednesday 30 May
Title: Circuit mechanisms and neuroendocrine control of a sleep-like brain state in C. elegans

Atıl Çağdaş Saydere 
Monday 28 May
Title: The Functional Characterization of JMJ27 in Arabidopsis thaliana

Etienne Campione
Straw Group - IMP
Monday 16 April
Title: Visuo-motor responses to rotation and translation in freely flying Drosophila melanogaster

Peter Bönelt
Busslinger Group - IMP
Monday 16 April
Title: Autoimmunity Caused by Premature Blimp1 Expression during B Cell Development

Andrzej Bylicki
Clausen Group - IMP
Friday 16 March
Title: Structural and biochemical characterization of a novel proteasome activator and co-chaperonin GroES2

Monika Abramczuk
Knoblich Group - IMBA
Monday 19 February
Title: The role of Barricade in Drosophila neural stem cell lineage progression