Graduations 2020

Date Graduate Group Institute Title
17 January 2020 Joanna Kaczanowska Haubensak IMP Integrating computational and experimental exploration of cognitive neuroanatomy
31 January 2020 André Alcântara Djamei GMI Studying Effectors from Ustilago maydis - Interaction Networks and Screening for UPR Interference
27 February 2020 Denise Seitner Djamei GMI Maize Transcription Factors as Targets for Ustilago maydis Effectors
16 March 2020 Juraj Ahel Clausen IMP Structure and function of the E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF213
15 April 2020 Elena Gromberg Tanaka IMP Mechanism of Floor Plate induction in neural tube organoids
06 May 2020 Anete Romanauska Koehler Max Perutz Labs Lipid metabolism at the inner nuclear membrane