VBC Student Symposium

Every year, students make a great effort to organize the "VBC PhD Programme Symposium" which is supported by the institutes and through sponsorship. Leading scientists present their latest discoveries within the symposiums' selected range of topics.

16th Annual VBC PhD Programme Symposium

Metamorphosis – Transforming Science - 8/9 November 2018

Since the beginning of time the essence of progress has been change. Evolution, civilization, industrial revolution or takeover of modern technology – all these were processes driven by change, change in biology, society, science or technology. Over the last decade we have reached a speed of scientific change, unlike any ever seen before. This has brought us luxury, as well as challenges. But, where do we go from here? What changes do we have to make next in science, technology and society, to proceed into the future?

To extend our knowledge and overcome the limits of current research methods we need cutting-edge technologies, that will transform science at the lab bench itself. However, these new discoveries need to be communicated efficiently within the scientific community. Common models of publishing are becoming outdated. We need to consider new modes for transferring knowledge between scientists and to the general public, using modern technology and ideas. Combining cutting-edge technologies and an efficient mode of communication will then finally enable us to tackle the challenges of modern society and humanity that lie ahead of us.

Together with excellent scientists from around the globe, we hope to discuss these issues and find a scientific solution to the problems that not only scientist but the general public are struggling with. Join us in the VBC PhD symposium 2018 – “Metamorphosis – Transforming Science” – for an inspiring discussion about the changes we as scientists will have to make, in order to move to a new chapter of scientific research.

Online registration opens 1 April - Travel grants for Master students will be available