Arriving by Plane

Vienna's International Airport is located about 19 kilometres southeast of the IMP and is connected by rail, bus and a freeway.

There are currently two train connections from the Airport to the City. The metropolitan railway ("S7" = line No. 907 WIEN FLORIDSDORF – FLUGHAFEN WIEN – WOLFSTHAL and back; which usually runs every 30 minutes and takes 19 minutes to travel) and the City Airport Train (CAT).

The metropolitan railway stops at "St. Marx/Vienna Biocenter" which is 100m away from the IMP. The CAT is quicker, but it only stops downtown at "Wien Mitte/Landstraße" so a second connection is required to get to the IMP (take the 74A bus to the stop "St. Marx").

Alternatively, you can take a Vienna Airport Lines shuttle bus, which will take you to to Vienna's Southern Train Station (Wien Südbahnhof). From there, the No.18 tram (direction "Schlachthausgasse") will take you to the stop "St. Marx" right next to the IMP.

Useful links:

Metropolitan railway
City Airport Train (CAT)
Vienna Airport Lines bus services


If you catch a taxi from the airport to the IMP, the ride will take about 20 minutes and costs around 30 EURO.

Taxi stands in Vienna

Arriving by Train

You will probably arrive at one of Vienna's two main train stations, either "Wien Meidling" or the Vienna West Train Station - "Westbahnhof".

From "Wien Meidlung" you have to take the Schnellbahn (direction "Floridsdorf") to the stop "Rennweg" and No.71 tram (direction "Kaiserebersdorf") to the stop "St. Marx" right next to the IMP. The ride takes about 25 minutes.

From "Westbahnhof" the No.18 tram (direction "Schlachthausgasse") will take you to the stop "St. Marx" right next to the IMP. The travelling time here is about 25 minutes.

Metropolitan railway
No. 18 tram
No. 71 tram

Arriving by Car

If you arrive via the freeway A23, take the exit called "St. Marx". Drivers coming via the A4 should exit at "Knoten Prater". On the streets surrounding the IMP (3rd district), parking during the day (Monday to Friday, 9am-10pm) is only possible with prepaid tickets and restricted to 2 hours at a time.