Training Program

The focus of the VBC Postdoctoral Training Program is to support the professional development of our postdocs by

  • ensuring adequate and tailored mentoring
  • providing a variety of training opportunities on valuable skills
  • providing access to the necessary resources
  • exposure to different sectors
  • establishing a wide-ranging professional network

All these measures aim at enabling the postdocs to conduct research at the highest level and laying a solid foundation for an independent career in the future.  By the end of the fellowship we expect the fellows to be proficient in the competencies listed below, which are important skills for a science career as well as a wide range of other related careers.

Scientific reasoning

  • Independence in problem solving and critical thinking
  • Critical evaluation of scientific publications and presentations

Communication skills

  • Scientific writing
  • Presentation to different audiences
  • Interpersonal Communication: working in teams; networking; teaching/supervising

Management and organisational skills

  • Time management and prioritising
  • Project management: planning, implementing and finish/reporting