Every year the the Scientific Training Programme together with the Postdoc Reps organize different workshops.

Below you can find information on upcoming workshops. An email will be sent to all postdocs with a link for registrations, if you have any questions please contact Yan Sun (yan.sun (at) imp.ac.at).

In addition, the scientific facilities organize regular training courses (for example: Bio-optics; programming, statistics).

Upcoming courses

Professional Development for Young Scientists

HFP Consulting (http://www.hfp-consulting.de/)

10-12 March, 2020

Interpersonal skills, essential for today's challenges in scientific work, can be acquired and developed. The goal of this workshop is to enable scientists to productively deal with challenges related to the human aspects of doing science.

In this practical course, designed specifically for postdocs (mainly 1st-2nd year postdocs), you will:

  • improve your communication and collaboration skills
  • learn how to reach career goals

More efficiently (doing things right)

More effectively (doing the right thing)

  • learn how to deal with conflicts constructively
  • improve your time management
  • learn how to set clearer goals
  • discover how to deal with different personalities in a group
  • practice useful tools for your career in science
  • be encouraged to establish and maintain a peer support group We approach these topics practically. Short theoretical inputs are followed by extensive exercises. Our goal is to increase the impact of the training by allowing you to immediately apply the concepts we teach in partner work, case studies or group discussion. We will provide a nurturing frame for practical training, as well as for socialising, scientific exchange and networking.

(Maximum number of participants: 16)

Facing the Challenge of Effective Writing

Iain Patten (http://iainpatten.com/)

To be arranged

This 4-day workshop is designed to help postdoctoral researchers consolidate their writing skills and understand how to write more effectively and efficiently as part of their normal working lives. The workshop will introduce ways of understanding the process of writing before looking at the primary challenge of achieving clarity when presenting complex scientific information. Emphasis will be placed on applying common principles to different types of writing while recognising the specific requirements of each. Throughout the workshop, participants will consider how to apply these principles to the main writing tasks they face in their work, such as scientific publications and funding applications. Participants will also explore how to use writing as a powerful and creative tool to enhance their scientific research by exploiting the relationship between critical scientific thinking and effective writing. Finally, participants will use these insights to develop a more efficient approach to writing and publication that will benefit their productivity.

Innovation Into Business (INiTS) Course

From Scientist to Entrepreneur | Intrapreneur

Opens external link in new windowMarkus Pietzka (INiTS)

16 - 18 September 2020


  • To provide information/expertise on setting up your own business
  • To help the participants to understand the entrepreneurship principles in startups as well as in established businesses - "intrapreneurship"


  • What is entrepreneurship and why it matters for regular employees?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?
  • Is there a founder's DNA?

Introduction to a simple business tool kit:

a) How to develop a business model?

b) The anatomy of a business plan

c) How to fund a startup in Vienna

(Deadline for registration: Watch this Space!)