All VIP2 fellows will be hired under full-time employment contracts (40h) by the institute of the respective host lab. The participating institutions follow the salary scheme of the Austrian Science Fund, Austria's central funding organization for basic research. According to this scheme each fellow will receive a yearly gross salary of 50.772,4 EUR paid in 14 installments (12 months plus a Christmas and Holiday bonus, according to Austrian law).  The above numbers represent the minimum compensation per fellow per year. We note that—depending on the hosting institute—the salary may be higher than indicated in the budget tables. This is due to institutional policies or collective agreements implemented in the respective institutions. Nevertheless, within each institution the identical salary scheme applies to all fellows, irrespective of gender.

Social Contributions

All VIP2 employment contracts include a full health insurance plan that can be extended to children and unemployed partners. In addition, social security includes fully-paid maternity leave (16 weeks), possibility of paid parental leave (up to 24 months), pension contribution, and accident insurance. In Austria, families receive additional support for each child (Familienbeihilfe) that ranges from 111,80 170 EUR per month, depending on the age of the child. In addition, tax deductions apply in case only one member of the family is employed.

Relocation Costs

Mechanisms are in place to contribute to the relocation costs of the fellows.  All fellows will be supported to apply for the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) grant: “Finding talent: Researchers Career Grants”. These grants support a maximum of 2.000 EUR relocation costs.  To promote equal opportunity, the agency also offers dual career support, which funds the professional integration of a partner (also up to a maximum of 2.000 EUR).

Besides a competitive salary with social insurance benefits and other support, all four institutes are committed to support the individual VIP2 projects through direct research costs. The average support per VBC postdoc is currently 12.000 EUR per year, which is equivalent to the competitive Austrian fellowship programs (FWF, Lise Meitner, and Hertha Firnberg programs). The fellows will be supported to attend at least two international conferences during their fellowship.