Two-Mentor Scheme


The VIP2 Fellowship Program will further boost postdoctoral supervision and networking capacities by implementing a two-mentor scheme. Postdoctoral fellows will choose a second mentor from the VBC (from the partner research institutes or biotech companies) or the external VBC network (alumni, collaborators, etc).

The primary mentor is the host group leader who provides the lab infrastructure and main advisory role in the project.

The role of the secondary mentor is several-fold. First, they provide advice on the project from the perspective of a different field/expertise or even sector, thereby enriching the scientific potential of the project and the breadth of networking possibilities for the fellow.

To ensure effective mentoring, VIP2 fellows work with their mentors to define clear goals (experimental as well as career-related) throughout their appointment. This establishes clear expectations and facilitates fruitful discussions. Specifically, each fellow will:

  • Develop an initial career development plan within three months, which will be discussed with both mentors.
  • Will have an annual mentoring meeting (and corresponding annual development plan) with both supervisors to review the past year and to plan for the next, both in terms of research and scientific focus as well as career development. These meetings are in addition to regular scientific discussions with the main supervisor.