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Annika Nichols wins the 2018 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student

Annika Nichols from the Zimmer Lab at IMP is one of the recipients of 2018 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student, which recognises outstanding achievement in graduate studies in the biological sciences. Since the award began in 2000, there have been a total of 264 recipients, including this year’s honorees, and Annika's is only the fifth honoree from Europe.

The Vienna BioCenter PhD Programme is extremely proud that the work of one of our students was recognised by the prestigious 2018 Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student. Annika started her PhD in 2013 and she has made fundamental contributions to her field.

To learn more about Annika's work read her interview on the IMP website (linked below) or her paper in Opens external link in new windowScience.