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VBC PhD Students Rock in the current issue of the Journal Cell Biology

The Dammerman Lab at MFPL just published a great paper on Journal Cell Biology, plus made it to the cover. The first authors are Clementine Schouteden and Daniel Serwas, VBC PhD Alumnus and Student, respectively.

It is great to see the successes of our PhD Students, this time the congrats go to Clementine and Daniel in the Dammermann Lab (MFPL) who published in the Journal of Cell Biology.

You can read the paper Opens external link in new windowhere, or the in Opens external link in new windowfocus news on the same issue. Daniel started is from our Summer 2013 Class and Clementine finished her PhD in 2012 and is now working at McKinsey, she was one of our special guests in the Career Days 2014 Well done! #vbcphdstudentsrock