Class of 2010


Leo Otsuki, University of Cambridge, UK - Knoblich group
Asymmetric and symmetric division in the Drosophila neuroblast
Awarded the VWR Summer School Prize

Michael Hauer, University of Tubingen, Germany - Peters group 
The ATPase activity of the human cohesin complex

Daniel Dyer, University of Cambridge, UK - Westermann group 
Functional analysis of the CH-domain in budding yeast Ndc80

Amaia Carrión, Barcelona University, Spain - Cowan group
The role of AIR-1 at polarity establishment in C. elegans

Antoinette Hardijzer, University of Utrecht, Netherlands - Small group
Actin-based motility of Baculovirus

Wendan Li, Columbia University, USA - Dickson group
Neural circuits in Drosophila locomotion
Awarded the IMP Summer School Prize

Freddy Vonberg, University of Cambridge, UK - Keays group
Functional Dissection of the Tubulin Gene Family

Mehtap Bacioglu, Istanbul University, Turkey - Keleman group
Identification of Orb2-interacting proteins

Gideon Loevinsohn, Brown University, USA - Rumpel group
Auditory Learning in Mice using Positive Reinforcement
Awarded the Invitrogen Summer School Prize

Violet Feng, Imperial College London, UK - Dong group
Interactions between SAS4, SAS5 and SAS6 proteins involved in centriole formation
Awarded the Biorad Summer School Prize

Kimberly McManus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA - Marlovits group
Analysis of the C terminal of PrgH

Björn Schorch, Freiburg University, Germany - Stolt-Bergner group
Dab1 phosphorylation after artificial dimerisation

Ti Xu, New York University, USA - Clausen group
Analysis of the unfoldase activity of an AAA ATPase

Chris Cho, Yale University, USA - Martinez group
Characterising candidates for siRNA and tRNA ligation

Henry Stanley, University College London, UK - Stark group
Using p300 to predict genome-wide enhancer activity in Drosophila

Yukyee Wu, Imperial College London, UK - Raible group
Do marine worms dream of fluorescent bristles? Tracking action in developing Platynereis

Kasia Kowalik, Jagiellonian University, Poland - Brennecke group
The mystery of arginine methylation in the Drosophila ovary

Andrew Dimond, University of Cambridge, UK - Ringrose group
The role of non-coding RNAs in polycomb regulation

Tillmann Taape, University of Cambridge, UK - Mochizuki group
Nuclear protein targeting in Tetrahymena thermophila

Martyna Popis, Edinburgh University, UK - Busslinger group
Establishment of Ebf1 induction system in B cell progenitors

Rodina Peachey, Oxford University, UK - Hartmann group
The contribution of beta-catenin to signalling versus adhesion during in vitro ES cell differentiation

Geoffrey Li, Yale University, USA - Penninger group
Hungry? The neuronal regulation of appetite in Drosophila