Class of 2011

Kaya Akyuz, Bogazici University, Turkey - Stark Group
Understanding the sequence basis of transcriptional regulation

Natália Dörr, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil - Dorner Group
How to fish and cut an RNA?

Fiona Grimm, ETH, Zurich - Brennecke Group
Fishing for ribosomes

Anna LabnoJagiellonian University, Poland - Zuber Group
An optimized TET-­regulatable expression system for studying drug target using shRNA

Bryan Luu, Carleton University, Canada - Busslinger Group
Transcriptional control of Pax5 by Ebf1 in early B cell development

Hannah Stuart, University of Cambridge, UK - Ringrose Group
The effect of mutations on non-­coding transcription from a Polycomb Response Element

Darko Barisic, University of Zagreb, Croatia - Martinez Group
RNA processing in mammalian cells

Daniel Mannion, University of Oxford, UK - Clausen Group
Characterising the SpoIVB Active Site: A Novel Catalytic Diad for protein digestion?

Cecilie Oest-Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark - Marlovits Group
Design of artificial substrates for the injectisome

Jamie Carrington, University of Edinburgh, UK - Dammermann Group
Investigating ciliary development using neuronal RNAi in C. elegans

Kasia Drzewicka, Warsaw University, Poland - Westermann Group
Molecular analysis of kinetochore function in budding yeast

Omar Julca, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru - Keays Group
Magnetoreception in Vertebrates

Veronika Nogellova, University of Cambridge, UK - Martens Group
The role of Atg19 in selective autophagy

Jenny Mei, Yale University, USA - Knoblich Group
Reversibility of Drosophila larval brain tumors

Chris Powell, University of Oxford, UK - Peters Group
Studying recombinant cohesin at the single molecule level

Rhianna Knable, University of Queensland, Australia - Keleman Group
Learning and Memory in Drosophila

Sui Poh Tee, University of Cambridge, UK - Rumpel Group
To Lick or Not to Lick -­ Analysis of Fine Temporal Structure of Sound Discrimination Task in Mice

Ana Stankovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia - Mochizuki Group
Nuclear localisation signal of H2B protein

Takato Honda, University of Tsukuba, Japan - Dickson Group
Pheromone Processing in the defined Drosophila neural circuits

Linda Ma, Columbia University, USA - Straw Group
Searching for Visual Neurons Involved in Figure-­Ground Discrimination in Drosophila

Dahlia Hassan, Columbia University, USA - Tessmar Group
Circadian and Lunar Cycles in Platynereis dumerilli and Clunio marinus

Katie Lockwood, University of Cambridge, UK - Haubensak Group
Neural circuits for emotions in mice

Aaron Appleyard, University of Oxford, UK - Busch Group
Natural variation of root development under iron deficiency

Kristina Katsemonova, University College London, UK - Jonak Group
Biotic and abiotic stress in Arabidopsis thaliana plants

Whitney Quong, University of British Columbia, Canada - Penninger Group
A novel tool to visualize, purify, and genetically manipulate RANK-­expressing cells

Lisa Sabir, University of Cambridge, UK - Zimmer Group
The effect of food availability on locomotive behaviour in C. elegans