Award Winners

Each year a jury chooses the best talks given during the symposium and the winners receive a cash prize. The 2019 winners were:

Best Talk

Toni Manolova, University of Tübingen, Cochella Group (IMP) Supervised by: Arianna Mandlbauer

Best Posters

Borja Diego, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Mari-Ordonez Group (GMI)
Supervised by: Marieke Trasser

Alexandria Adiigun, Howard University, Washington, Tanaka Group (IMP)
Supervised by: Katharina Lust

Lidia Llacsahuanga, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, Ameres Group (IMBA) Supervised by: Moritz Staltner

Best Alumni Poster

Anne Tuberfield, Cambridge University, UK