Azzurra Codino

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Brennecke Group (IMBA)

What do you study and where?

“I study Genetics and Molecular Biology in Rome, Sapienza – Università di Roma.”

What did you experience during the last weeks attending the VBC Summer School?

“I have never been to such an international place before. I learnt a lot from so much diversity both personally and professionally and I am really grateful for this.”

In your opinion, what makes the VBC Summer School distinct from comparable opportunities? – What was appealing to you?

“It is a truly professional, challenging program. The way it is organized and managed is really outstanding. For example, take the symposium as the concluding event, where you present your work of the past nine weeks, it gives you an aim to pursue during the two months.”

How did your project work?

“Despite the fact that a conclusion is still in the process of being made, it was a great experience to learn how to overcome difficulties and setbacks. The project put me on a steep learning curve. This experience has helped me to gain more confidence and mature as a scientist.”

How did you come across the VBC Summer School?

I came across the VBC Summer Program via the Internet two years ago when I was looking for a practical internship program in Biology abroad. However, I made my decision to apply only this year when a professor from my lab at Sapienza University encouraged me to do so / apply.”

Would you recommend the VBC Summer School to friends / fellow students?

“Yes, I would absolutely recommend the VBC Summer School to my fellow students. It’s an opportunity not to be missed to broaden one’s mind and enrich one’s academic education. You will work hard but besides the research there are also many social events planned by the program as well as by the summer students.”

How did you like Vienna / the surroundings?

“Although I have to say that as a city, Rome is hard to beat, I really enjoyed my summer in Vienna. Vienna is wonderful city; many students live there and it offers a lot of cultural events as well as fun opportunities to young people.”

Would you like to come back in the future?

It is a challenging place. It is key to have a clear perspective as regards the research you envisage. The labs and the colleagues are great. Why not?

Any additional comments / other observations, you would like to share?

“The VBC and its research institutions provide so many options to do top research. This broad range of fields in the life sciences is striking. “

“This experience has helped me to realize that there are many opportunities abroad that I would like to take part in to help me decide my future career path.”

“The background of the students was more diverse than I have expected. This is an asset and should be communicated more actively. The VBC Summer Program is much more than straight (molecular) biology.”