Ilya Flyamer

Ilya Flyamer, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation
Tachibana-Konwalski Group (IMBA)

What do you study and where?

“I study Molecular Biology at the Moscow State University.”

What did you experience during the last weeks attending the VBC Summer School?

“I had a great time. The lab was perfect, the research ambitious, and we also had time to enjoy life.”

In your opinion, what makes the VBC Summer School distinct from comparable opportunities? – What was appealing to you?

“What makes the VBC Summer School distinct from other opportunities was the high quantity and quality of seminars which were offered at the campus. They were just awesome. The fact, that everything was located at one site turned out to be especially appealing. The short distances between the labs, the places the cohort met. It was all in walking distance – highly convenient.”

How did your project work?

“My project developed very nicely. It actually went better than expected. Towards the end, there was a little bit of a setback. But this is part of the game. Overall, I was very satisfied with what we accomplished during July and August.”

How did you come across the VBC Summer School?

“After I arrived in Cambridge I was looking around for summer schools and came across the VBC. It is a wonderful coincidence, that the application of methods I have been using in the lab in Moscow to the model used here (mouse oocytes and zygotes) would be very interesting scientifically and although very ambitious technically it is feasible for a Masters project. I am very happy to establish such a collaboration between our two labs."

Would you recommend the VBC Summer School to friends / fellow students?

“I will definitely recommend the VBC Summer School to fellow students back in Moscow. I will share my experience with them. There are a lot of convincing arguments why to apply.”

How did you like Vienna / the surroundings?

“Vienna is a great city. I have been to Vienna before. Therefore the VBC Summer School was even more appealing.”

Would you like to come back in the future?

“I will definitely come back to the VBC. This year in October, I will return to the lab to complete my thesis, which is a different project than the one I worked on during the VBC Summer School. We found out that my thesis project fits nicely into the lab. This is a wonderful coincidence, just awesome.”

Any additional comments / other observations, you would like to share?

“The research infrastructure here at the VBC is just awesome. Everything is available to do cutting edge research. You have easy access to the best equipment one can think of.”