Juan Igelesias Artola

Universidad Ricardo Palma, Peru
Westermann Group (IMP)

What do you study and where?

“I study (General) Biology at the Universidad Ricardo Palma in Peru.”

What did you experience during the last weeks attending the VBC Summer School?

“I really liked the lab. To some it might have been hard work. To me it was fun. I really enjoyed being among people who really love to do research. I was part of it. That’s a perfect environment.”

In your opinion, what makes the VBC Summer School distinct from comparable opportunities? – What was appealing to you?

“Vienna is such an appealing city. In the heart of Europe, your are so close to a lot of other beautiful places; and the public means of transport are just amazing.”

How did your project work?

“My project worked very well. The supervision and the support were great. We got good results. Basically, I always want to accomplish more, never the less, I have to say, the last nine weeks have been very productive.”

How did you come across the VBC Summer School?

“I came across the VBC Summer School via Internet. It was listed on the REPU Website.”

Would you recommend the VBC Summer School to friends / fellow students?

“I would definitely recommend the VBC Summer School to friends and fellow students. It is a great opportunity to work in an environment where world class research takes place.”

How did you like Vienna / the surroundings?

“Vienna is a great city. Especially impressive was the Hofburg palace and the Leopold Museum with its world class collection of Klimt and Schiele paintings.” To me, no other Jugendstil collection compares to this.”

Would you like to come back in the future?

“I am definitely considering to come back to the VBC in the future. Let’ see.” I am in my fifth year and I will start to make plans where to apply for my PhD.”

Any additional comments / other observations, you would like to share?

“The accommodation is okay. The only thing, that did not work out was the health insurance card / E-Card. I received it in the beginning of August and the envelope was open. That was the only experience I was not fond of. Maybe it is better to get the E-Cards sent to the Labs directly.”