Linda Zhang

Linda Zhang, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Pavri Group (IMP)

What do you study and where?

“I study Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis in Immunology at the University of California, Berkeley.”

What did you experience during the last weeks attending the VBC Summer School?

“It has been such a wonderful experience I hardly find words for. The VBC Summer School has reinforced my passion for science and I am eager to involve research in my future career.”

In your opinion, what makes the VBC Summer School distinct from comparable opportunities? – What was appealing to you?

“It was interesting to meet the different group leaders through the summer school seminar series. It was incredible to see how committed they are to the research they pursue. They showed such vigor and really inspired me to want to find something I am truly passionate about as well.” 

How did your project work?

“In regards to my project, I had to learn to be patient when it comes to science. The process to generate the constructs took some time but once the work with the constructs was finished, my project really took off. That was an encouraging experience.”

How did you come across the VBC Summer School?

“I came across the VBC Summer School through a summer research opportunity list on my University’s website in Berkeley.  I always have had the intention to study abroad for some time and the VBC Summer School was the perfect way to combine a study abroad experience with a unique research opportunity.”

Would you recommend the VBC Summer School to friends / fellow students?

“Yes, I would definitely recommend the VBC Summer School to my friends and fellow students. It is a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad that I have made it here and became part of such an international cohort.”

How did you like Vienna / the surroundings?

“Vienna is such as nice city. The quality of public transport services made me overcome any reservations I had previously and it made it really convenient to get around the city. And it is also an international city”

Would you like to come back in the future?

“To come back in the future? Let’s see. I guess I am not prepared to leave my personal comfort zone in California for a longer period of time, yet but I might be ready later in the future.”

Any additional comments / other observations, you would like to share?

“I have had amazing nine weeks here at the VBC Summer School and I am sad that it is over.”

“Initially, I was looking forward to new beginnings in my host lab at the VBC. I learned the benefits of working in a small lab because it is so much easier to get to know your supervisor and your PI or your group leader personally.”

“I was really fond of the public transportation pass all participants received.”