Philipp Dexheimer

University of Regensburg, Germany
Cochella Group (IMP)

What do you study and where?

I study Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Regensburg, Germany.

What did you experience during the last weeks attending the VBC Summer School?

“I really enjoyed spending my summer doing fascinating research in a cool lab.”

In your opinion, what makes the VBC Summer School distinct from comparable opportunities? – What was appealing to you?

“It is the opportunity to get first hand insights how cutting edge research works in a place outside the university system.”

How did your project work?

“My project worked surprisingly well, we even managed to get results that were better than I have expected.

How did you come across the VBC Summer School?

“I came across the VBC Summer School via a poster, which was pinned at a wall at my university. As simple as that.”

Would you recommend the VBC Summer School to friends / fellow students?

“If somebody is really interested in research, the VBC Summer School is the program to go.”

How did you like Vienna / the surroundings?

“Well, the labs are really great. To be honest I did not explore much in Vienna, but for the places I have seen it is definitely a city worth living in.”

Would you like to come back in the future?

“The VBC is really an appealing place to do research. I am definitely considering to come back in the future, so let’s see.”

Any additional comments / other observations, you would like to share?

“The VBC is a cool place to grow into cutting edge research in the life sciences.”