Research at the Vienna Biocenter

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Four renowned research institutes at the forefront of Science

The Vienna Biocenter (www.viennabiocenter.org) is a premier location for Life Sciences Research; it hosts scientists from more than 65 nations which helps to create a dynamic research environment of a high international standard with outstanding publication records, and effective competition for public funding from the most prestigious international and national sources.

Four prestigious research institutes - Opens external link in new windowGMI, Opens external link in new windowIMBA, Opens external link in new windowIMP, Opens external link in new windowMFPL - collaborate in the training programmes and activities aiming to empower curious researchers.

The VBC is THE place to start your scientific career!

There are very few places in the world like the Vienna Biocenter. No one is indifferent to the campus atmosphere. You walk into the cafeteria (a hub for the four institutes) and you immediately sense the welcoming and collaborative environment.

There are many things that make this place one of the best in the world, the most important being: the people, the scientific facilities, and the support (financial and intellectual).

And if you need some confirmation of this just browse through our News and/or Publications pages and see for yourself!

Also visit the websites of the four institutes. There you can find detailed information and browse the different research group pages:

Gregor Mendel Institute GMI

Institute of Molecular Biotechnology IMBA

Institute of Molecular Pathology IMP

Max F. Perutz Laboratories MFPL