Application Process

At the Vienna BioCenter we are looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic applicants who want to develop competitive projects at the forefront of modern biology. We recruit approximately 15 candidates in each call, and receive many applications. The applicants come from many nations and cultures.

Our recruitment process has two stages:

(1) Online application form that includes 2 sections:

  • Section 1: you will be asked about your personal information and the information for 2-3 referees. After you submit this information you will receive a link by e-mail to edit the second part of the application.
  • Section 2: has questions regarding your education, research experience and research interests. Using the provided link, you can save and edit your data as many times as you wish until you click submit. The online applications will be reviewed by our faculty, and a short-list of the best suited applicants will be produced. If there is something we need to clarify we may contact you via skype. We invite approximately 50 applicants for an interview in Vienna.

(2) The interview week runs from Sunday to Thursday:

  • Sunday - general introduction to the programme, campus, and research groups
  • Monday - panel interviews
  • Tuesday/Wednesday - meeting the groups (finding a match)
  • Thursday - announcement of the assignments